Open Access

Sparrow: A Contemporary Funeral Home

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Outside street view of the corner of Sparrow: A Contemporary Funeral Home
Credit: Erica Hill

Sat, October 22nd, 2022

9:00am — 6:00pm

Sun, October 23rd, 2022

9:00am — 6:00pm

Love, Bread, and Death at 159-161 Driggs Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This is a story about the lives we live, the spaces we live within, and what we create with and for our communities throughout the ages.

Take a tour of Sparrow: A Contemporary Funeral Home, and learn about the past and present of the building through photos, film, and archival materials. The building originally housed a funeral home AND a bakery; the mortician's daughter ran off with the baker's son in the 50s; and more than 20 years of Christmases were celebrated in the space. Visitors will also see how the space has been updated to reflect contemporary times, including opening all the windows that were originally in place and had been closed up over the decades.

Masks are strongly encouraged.

1930; 2021