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Open House New York is a nonprofit organization that promotes unparalleled access to the city—to the places, people, projects, systems, and ideas that define New York and its future.

From the annual Open House New York Weekend festival to year-round programming like Urban Systems, Public Policy Talks, or Stacks, join us to take an inside look at how the city works.

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“Forget the Mayor, Open House New York holds the keys to the city.”

"Private doors swing wide open for Open House New York."

"If you haven’t experienced OHNY Weekend yet, think of it as the NYC lover’s dream come true."

“New Yorkers by nature are curious, intellectually minded people. OHNY fosters a spirit of coming together for anyone who is interested in learning about the diversity of this city and its built environment."

Karim R., Weekend Partner, Ismaili Jamatkhana Manhattan

"I love how OHNY Weekend brings out tons of folks who enjoy exploring New York. It’s like an annual convention of New York-loving nerds."

Shiloh F., Shiloh In the City

"OHNY provides avenues for me to advocate for positivity in our civic life and to expand the service of all this place has to offer to everyone."

Rachel J., Board Member

"Interning at OHNY pushed my boundaries, and I felt like a New Yorker for the first time."

Kevin C., Former Intern

2024 OHNY Weekend

Love New York? So do we.

General Membership
Open House New Yorker

Take part in a community of curious New Yorkers while enjoying members-only perks, like special events, discounts, and a preview of the OHNY Weekend lineup.

General Membership starts at $60/year (Individual) or $110 (Dual)

Netflix for Urbanists

Connect with emerging professionals for city adventures and community building. Plus, enjoy the full range of General Membership perks.

Metropolitan Membership starts at $10/month or $120/year

Leadership Circle

Join city leaders to explore the critical issues shaping New York while enjoying the kind of inside access that only Open House New York can provide.

Open Council starts at $1,000/year

Open House New York Members Sound Off:
“I’m an Open House New Yorker because…”

“I want to be involved with and included in the places in my city that go unnoticed or are inaccessible.”

Diana Z., Member

“I want to sneak into every building.”

Marc N., Member

“Open House New York gives you a key to places you would never discover on your own.”

Dan H., Member

"No guide will show you the many facets of New York City like OHNY does."

Rafael E., Member

"OHNY continually shows me new ways to fall in love with New York City."

Alan L., Member and Volunteer

"OHNY makes me feel invested and involved in the pulse and future of the City."

Bree M., Bree M., Metropolitan Member

"Because OHNY provides access! And the citizens of New York deserve to peek inside as many buildings as possible. I believe in public architecture and essential facilities, and I also believe that these civic buildings should allow for some level of transparency. I am thrilled to have been able to both take advantage of and provide this transparency through OHNY weekend tours."

Patrick M., Metropolitan Member
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