OHNY Weekend

2024 OHNY Weekend

A public celebration of New York and the “power of place”

Private doors swing wide open for Open House New York

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About OHNY Weekend

Launched in 2003, Open House New York Weekend is an annual festival that opens hundreds of noteworthy or significant places across the five boroughs to foster discovery and delight for New Yorkers and visitors alike.

On October 20-22, 2023, the 21st annual OHNY Weekend festival offered a mix of in-person experiences, self-guided explorations, and digital content—giving participants an insider’s look at everything from single rooms, studios, factories, and public spaces to entire buildings, blocks, bike corridors, and waterways.

Building on our expanded mission to promote citywide access to all New Yorkers, the festival is now 100% free to the public.

2023 OHNY Weekend

On October 20-22, 2023, the 21st annual OHNY Weekend welcomed over 25,000 visitors into 330+ places across the five boroughs, spanning 128 neighborhoods, and nearly 1,400 zip codes. The lottery system for ticketed locations filled over 7,000 slots across the three-day festival.

Perelman Performing Arts Center, Credit: Michael Lee

Thank you to the 2023 OHNY Weekend Sponsors—your support unlocks the city!

Open House New Yorkers Sound Off:
“What do you love about OHNY Weekend?”

Letting people know that they can actually visit these cool NYC sites for free and seeing their faces light up in excitement.

Rowie S.

Each year I build a complex scheduling spreadsheet to maximize the number of OHNY Weekend sites I can visit. Don’t you?

Mohit S.

My favorite OHNY Weekend memory is signing my name on 1 WTC—being a permanent part of this iconic building!

Caroline O.

I want to sneak into every building.

Marc N.

Seeing the little details we are usually too busy to notice.

Valerie A.

OHNY Weekend is the ultimate opportunity to learn and experience what you mistakenly thought you already knew about NYC.

Eric A.

New York is not monolithic! It’s open and complex!

Saundra T.

I discovered Bronx Community College through OHNY Weekend. I love Marcel Breuer and was fascinated by the campus. I was literally high on architecture that day.

Fatih E.

It’s like Christmas (for us agnostic, non-religious urbanist nerds)! It is the most wonderful time of the year.

Julie R.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

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Highlights from past OHNY Weekends