Meet Shiloh Frederick, Open House New Yorker

I’ve been an Open House New Yorker since

When I started my first“grown-up” job in 2019, my life quickly became a monotonous cycle of going to work and going back home. Open House New York helped me break that routine by showing me that the city is full of fascinating places that are worth delaying my commute home to go see.

What do you love most about OHNY Weekend?

As a nosy person, of course, I love OHNY Weekend because it allows me to get a look inside places I otherwise wouldn’t have much access to. But I also love how OHNY Weekend brings out tons of other folks who also enjoy exploring New York. It’s like an annual convention of New York-loving nerds.

What’s a hidden gem you’ve found through OHNY?

Do the books talked about in the OHNY Stacks series count as hidden gems? Because they’ve contributed to my exploration of and understanding of New York just as much as OHNY Weekend has. So far, my favorite book/talk is All the Queens Houses by Raphael Herrin-Ferri.