Meet Rachel Jaffe, OHNY Board Member

How does OHNY’s mission align with your values?

To me, OHNY is the antidote to NIMBYism and other social problems that are rooted in fear of things people don’t know about or understand. To me, OHNY is about access and a new way at looking at places and people, through different lenses and with a certain optimism.

As a board member, what impact do you hope to bring to Open House New York?

My background is affordable housing, and we can’t have a livable, quality of place and quality of life for all New Yorkers until the housing piece is really addressed. A piece of quality housing is locating it in a vibrant place that fosters education, exploration, and making connections among different people. To me, that is the force and power of OHNY.

I’m an Open House New Yorker because…

I’m a committed inhabitant of this City (Brooklyn since 2006), which I think is one of the best places on earth. OHNY fuses my academic background in urban planning and my current career as a lawyer into direct action. OHNY provides alternate avenues for me to advocate for positivity in our civic life and to expand the service of all this place has to offer to everyone.