Meet Iftekhar Khan, Bloomberg Arts Intern

Iftekhar Khan joined Open House New York as a Programs Intern in July 2022. He currently attends Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical High School in Jamaica, Queens. He works on OHNY’s database finding contact information for potential partner organizations for their upcoming OHNY Weekend event. His goal for this internship is to gain better social and communications skills and work experience. In his free time, he loves drawing and working on his artwork, exploring New York with his friends, and being around loved ones.

What excites you about interning at Open House New York?

Working with all the amazing people here. Everyone is really nice and welcoming.

What’s your favorite neighborhood or place in New York?

I really like Manhattan. I think the city looks beautiful and that all the architecture and stores are really cool.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself just graduating college and working at a company. Not exactly sure where, but I know I have interests in working in architecture and business.

If you could ‘unlock’ any building in New York, what would it be?

I would unlock the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building amazes me and I just think it’s a really unique place.

Bloomberg Arts Internship

The Bloomberg Arts Internship (BAI) program offers rising public school seniors summer internships at cultural non-profits to provide skills and experience. Since 2012, the program has offered New York City students (at participating CTE high schools) paid opportunities to try out arts careers; hone workplace, career, and communication skills; and sharpen their writing. Bloomberg Arts Internship is sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies.