Library Love: Five Borough Scavenger Hunt

Image credit: Jenna Bascom
July 9th, 2022
10:00AM - 5:00PM

Share your love of libraries in some friendly competition with other passionate New Yorkers!

The story of our city’s libraries tells the story of New York’s past, present, and future. Over the last 100 years, libraries have evolved to keep up with the changing needs of our diverse population to serve neighborhoods in all five boroughs. More than just places for books, libraries are vital community spaces where kids can play and learn, teens can geek out on computers and comic books, and people from all backgrounds can apply for jobs or learn new skills, languages, and hobbies. In every community across the city, libraries physically anchor the collective commitment to discovery, self-improvement, and innovation.

Join Open House New York for a citywide scavenger hunt to deepen your knowledge of our city’s libraries, from the past to the future. Race to decipher clues, explore new corners of the city with friends, and find a new appreciation for these vital community anchors.

More details on how to register coming soon!


About Radical Knowledge: Libraries as Community Catalysts

The Library Love: Five Borough Scavenger Hunt is part of OHNY’s ongoing Urban Systems series, Radical Knowledge: Libraries as Community Catalystsa multi-year program examining how libraries serve as both vibrant learning institutions and centers for their communities, providing physical and virtual spaces to enrich civic life.

This series is being developed with learning institutions, community activists, and leaders across New York City’s diverse communities. Virtual, experiential, and participatory experiences for Radical Knowledge include conversations, workshops, site visits, self-guided tours, and a scavenger hunt. These activities are being designed to reach OHNY’s core audience of city explorers while also engaging underrepresented communities that are often not included in the power structures of New York City. Information about series events will be released in Spring 2021.

Radical Knowledge is the sixth installment of OHNY’s Urban Systems infrastructure series. We are grateful to our program partners: The New York Public LibraryQueens Public LibraryBrooklyn Public Library, and the Metropolitan New York Library Council.