Understanding and Tolerance: The Fundamentals of Openness

New York is a city that has long been defined by its diversity and tolerance. 

The tragedy unfolding in the Middle East is upending our sense of safety and unity here in the five boroughs. As many of our fellow New Yorkers experience the tragic loss of friends or family in Israel and Gaza, Open House New York asks each of you to hold fast to the spirit of cohesion and openness that defines our great city. 

OHNY Weekend was founded in the wake of 9/11 when much of our city was shutting itself off. At the core of our work is a repudiation of closed doors—and the closed minds at their root. 

OHNY firmly believes that the act of opening places for broad public access not only feeds a sense of belonging, opening doors to others also nurtures an understanding of differences. We open doors as a way of opening our minds and hearts to one another. 

In the face of violence enveloping Israelis and Palestinians, let’s remind ourselves that openness is a choice. It must be stewarded with acts big and small. OHNY invites each and every one of us to do everything we can to foster an open and tolerant city.