Building Capital: Steering Committee and Advisors

ArtBuilt at the Brooklyn Army Terminal / Image credit: LISC NYC

Building Capital: The Value of Place is a multiyear investigation into how different forms of capital—financial, cultural, community—determine quality of place and quality of life in New York. Launching in spring 2023, the series aims to equip community and cultural organizations confronting or spearheading neighborhood change with practical resources, know-how, and a supportive peer network as they work to reverse decades of chronic disinvestment.

Building Capital is produced by Open House New York in partnership with a Steering Committee and Advisors comprised of leaders in community development and cultural, educational, and financial institutions. Together, the Steering Committee and Advisors form a powerful network of individuals who will harness deep subject matter expertise, and who themselves represent diverse communities that OHNY seeks to learn from—and with—through this investigation.

Stay tuned for more information about who we’re working with on this series. Building Capital partners will soon be announced, and if your organization would like to join this effort, please contact Chuck Hovanic at

Steering Committee

Steering Committee members represent OHNY’s organizational partners and are responsible for contributing insights and learnings at both closed-door sessions and public programs, and collaborating on the program plan.

Steering Committee responsibilities include:

  • Partner with OHNY on Building Capital series as an individual or on behalf of your organization
  • Actively participate in Building Capital launch (Spring 2023)
  • Attend 3 Steering Committee meetings over 2 years
  • Contributing insights and learnings to OHNY staff and in Steering Committee meetings
  • Collaborate on programming plan by identifying potential partners, projects, and issues to elevate in public programs
  • Facilitate partnerships and relationship building for OHNY
  • Moderate or facilitate programs (optional)


Advisors are leaders from the public, private, and civic sectors, who are shaping the program plan, helping to foster local relationships, and are actively participating in public programs.

Advisor responsibilities include:

  • Actively participate in Building Capital launch (Spring 2023)
  • Collaborate on programming plan, contributing insights and learnings
  • Identify potential speakers and facilitate relationship building for OHNY
  • Moderate or facilitate programs