Open House New York invites you on a sunset cruise up the Hudson River in celebration of the hundredth anniversary of New York City’s 1916 Zoning Resolution. The first citywide legislation of its kind in the nation to regulate things like building height and land use, zoning has served as a powerful, if invisible, tool that has shaped much of the five boroughs.

Join OHNY to learn about how zoning acts as the city’s underlying operating code, a set of guidelines and instructions that determine the character of our neighborhoods and the shape of our most iconic buildings. As the city works to expand affordable housing and encourage more vibrant streetscapes, explore how the zoning resolution is a living document that continues to guide the future of the city.

Speakers include Eric Goldwyn, one of the curators of the Museum of the City of New York’s forthcoming exhibition Mastering the Metropolis: New York and Zoning 1916-2016, and writer and former New York Times Metro columnist Matt Chaban, who most recently revealed that 40% of the buildings in Manhattan could not be built today  because of how the zoning code has changed over time.

Pier 11
South St
New York, NY 10005

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