A Note on Leadership Transition

A note from our Board of Directors:

As we prepare for our 18th Open House New York Weekend, we offer heartfelt thanks to Gregory Wessner, our outgoing executive director, who has steered OHNY from strength to strength over the past seven years. Open House New York is more vital and better in every way thanks to Greg’s leadership, and we could not be more grateful to him for everything he has accomplished. Next month, Greg will become the executive director of the National Academy of Design, which will surely benefit, as we have, from his passion for innovative programming and community engagement, all in the service of creating a more equitable and open city.

Transitional leadership is already in place while we search for our next executive director. Dorothy Dunn and Saundra Thomas share the title of Interim Executive Director and their appointment assures a seamless transition, as each has been a member of OHNY’s Board of Directors for a combined total of 16 years. Dorothy and Saundra also bring extensive professional experience in the arts, culture, and media sectors to the position. Board president Rob Rogers affirms, “We are so lucky to have Dorothy and Saundra at the helm of OHNY during this transition period. They are a dream team.”

Open House New York is firmly established as one of the city’s premier cultural organizations and we are committed to extending and deepening this legacy. A search for a new executive director is under way.

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