Transition Leadership: Meet Saundra Thomas

We are thrilled to welcome Saundra Thomas, who with Dee Dunn joined the Open House New York team as an Interim Co-Executive Director in September 2020. As we search for a new executive director, this appointment assures a seamless transition, as Saundra and Dee have been members of OHNY’s Board of Directors for a combined total of 16 years.

What brought you to Open House New York?

I was working as the Community Affairs Director at WABC-TV. From the moment I learned of OHNY I was fascinated and curious. My innate interest in design and architecture led me to pursue a partnership to promote the OHNY Weekend and the rest is history. My unadulterated love of NYC and its aloof, yet welcoming embrace and an organization that is open to all who relish in the pulse of what makes our city so great is a powerful combination. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

Under your leadership, what can the Open House New York audience look forward to in the coming months?

My expertise in working with and leading nonprofit organizations speaks for itself, but more than that, many years of working in media inspires me to seek partnerships for OHNY that will continue to put us front and center of the people and places that make New York City open to all.

What’s your most memorable Open House New York experience?

By far my most memorable experience with Open House New York was the gala at the TWA Hotel. Having fond memories of the terminal throughout my life AND the fact that both the terminal and I were born the same year, made spending time there and seeing how it was given love and care to be revived makes it so much more special. This was one for the ages and will remain a HUGE moment in my life’s journey.

I’m an Open House New Yorker because …

My belief in the magic of the city, what makes it tick and the people who make it the best city in the world AND the idea that we can ALL share in its greatness!