Statement of Solidarity with Jewish Community

Openness is a New York Value

Over the last few weeks, our city and our country have seen an escalation of anti-Semitic violence targeting American Jews. These attacks are unconscionable and the opposite of what we stand for. We cannot allow our Jewish neighbors to be intimidated or attacked because of who they are or the faith they practice. The Jewish community is an integral and vital part of our city, and they, like anyone, deserve to be free from discrimination and hatred.

Open House New York has always stood for openness, accessibility and civic dialogue—the same values that make our democracy work. A year ago, OHNY began the hard work of examining the realities of New York and more purposely advocating for a truly open city—one where streets, libraries, parks and other democratizing places are safe and accessible to all New Yorkers, regardless of skin color, religion, sexuality, or other marker of difference.

Right now, a toxic combination of hatred, discrimination, and lies is putting our fellow New Yorkers at risk. As stated in our responses to the murder of George Floyd and the recent anti-Asian violence, we recognize that we cannot remain passive, silent bystanders.

Our embrace of an open city is as much about people as it is place. As we continue our work to broaden and deepen an understanding and appreciation of the richness of diversity and experiences that define our city, we are also developing initiatives that prioritize equity and inclusion.

Your input is not only welcome, but necessary. We know that our actions count more than our words, and that we are stronger together.

Open House New York