Ismaili Jamatkhana (Manhattan)

Murray Hill, Manhattan

Originally built in 1854
Credit: Ashraf Rehmat
Ashraf Rehmat

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Built in 1854, the five-story brick structure at 160 East 35th Street originally housed the city’s oldest police station, the 15th Precinct house. Most recently, the property was owned by Yeshiva University and used as classroom space for its Stern College for Women and Teachers Institute for Women. Thereafter, the building passed into religious use and was established as a Jamatkhana and ambassadorial building for the work of its various institutions.   

The Ismaili Jamatkhana (Manhattan) is a place of gathering for prayer but also a space for intellectual discourse. The interior spaces display elements of Islamic design and architectural elements of Jamatkhanas throughout the world. Through activities including lectures, seminars and exhibitions, and cultural and social events, the Ismaili Jamatkhana will create an understanding of the values, ethics, culture, and heritage of the Ismaili Muslims and of the work of the Aga Khan Development Network. It will also be an important space for the search for mutual understanding amongst all communities and cultures.

Dress code is business casual. Socks are required, as shoes will need to be removed in the foyer.

1854; 2022