Meet Kevin Chan, Bloomberg Arts Intern

Kevin Chan joined Open House New York as a Programs Intern in July 2022. He currently attends Midwood High School in Brooklyn and is from Sheepshead Bay. He works alongside Iftekhar on the OHNY database to find connections and contacts for previous organizations that participated in past OHNY Weekends. His goal for this internship is to improve his communication skills and learn about the many programs/organizations and arts that New York has to offer. During his free time, he enjoys sleeping in the comfort of his bed and drawing and exploring art at almost any chance he gets. He also enjoys learning about cultures all around the world.

What excites you about interning at Open House New York?

I am most excited to explore the city and learn about other organizations that call New York City their home. I find it interesting to learn about the culture of others and see the wide variety of art and designs scattered around the city. At Open House New York, these possibilities come true as I get the chance to learn about the organizations collaborating with OHNY to make New York City shine even brighter than before. Not to mention exploring the city in my free time and seeing what art and culture they offer!

What’s your favorite neighborhood or place in New York?

My favorite neighborhood would probably be Sheepshead Bay. It’s where I grew up and am most fond of. I love the calm and peaceful atmosphere that it brings, everything there is much more relaxed, and I tend to take walks outside in my free time with my family. There are certain avenues that I frequently visit which offer wide varieties of food! The harbor is also a pleasant place that I go to as well, the swans swimming and the sea breeze is refreshing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Personally, I see myself in five years definitely working in my last year of college. I can see myself possibly scrambling everything I have to get an assignment done after procrastinating for two weeks. In those 5 years, I’m definitely improving in my design and art skills, along with attending an art college.

If you could ‘unlock’ any building in New York, what would it be?

If I were able to unlock any place, I would say the Metropolitan Museum, When I first visited the museum, I was stunned by the wide variety of culture and art that date back centuries ago. I was in awe when I saw the wide variety of art from old to new. It really shows how art continues to evolve and continues to thrive to this day, expressing itself however it wants. I’d love to unlock this place and visit whenever I could as I get inspired by the many new artworks and cultures introduced into the museum.

Bloomberg Arts Internship

The Bloomberg Arts Internship (BAI) program offers rising public school seniors summer internships at cultural non-profits to provide skills and experience. Since 2012, the program has offered New York City students (at participating CTE high schools) paid opportunities to try out arts careers; hone workplace, career, and communication skills; and sharpen their writing. Bloomberg Arts Internship is sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies.