Meet Eric Aglow, OHNY Volunteer

I’ve been an Open House New York since

I have been a volunteer for the Open House Weekend for more than 10 years. Many native New Yorkers have the belief that by living and working in New York City, there is nothing new that can be learned about the City. I never had that belief. My participation in Open House New York confirmed that despite having been born in the Lower East Side and raised in Queens, there are always new venues to explore and experiences to encounter.

What do you love about OHNY Weekend?

OHNY Weekend-the ultimate opportunity to learn and experience what you mistakenly thought you already knew about New York City.

What does being an OHNY Volunteer mean to you?

Now, more than ever, it is essential to explore and highlight the history of our City, through its architecture, institutions and citizens, and to celebrate its vibrancy and diversity.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with prospective volunteers? 

For new volunteers I suggest that they participate with an attitude of having an enjoyable and learning experience. You should research the site to which you have been assigned and the surrounding area so as to be able to complement the expertise provided by the host of the site.