Meet Cameron Doogan, Bloomberg Arts Intern

Cameron Doogan joined Open House New York as a Program Intern in July 2023. He currently attends Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn and is from Park Slope. He works alongside Izzy and Iuliia. His goal for this internship is to immerse himself in the art world of New York City and improve his communication skills. During his free time, he enjoys creating artwork such as paintings, linocuts, and drawings. In the upcoming months he hopes to create many successful portfolio pieces for his upcoming college applications.

What excites you about interning at Open House New York?

One thing that excites me about working at Open House New York is I will get to learn about many of the cultural and historical sites of the city. A common sentiment that I have heard among people that have lived in NYC for many years is: going to museums and monuments like the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building is only for tourists. This has stopped me from exploring the City in the past. This is why I am excited that Open House New York could break down this idea.

What’s your favorite neighborhood or place in New York?

My favorite place in New York is the Museum of Natural History. Although in recent years I haven’t been there many times, I loved to visit it with my family as a child. The stuffed animals and dinosaur skeletons always fascinated me and it was always incredibly fun to go.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I see myself as someone who just graduated college. My goal is to graduate with a BFA and pursue art is a graphic novelist. At this time five years from now I see myself at an internship at a publishing company such as Viz Media or Dark Horse Comics.

If you could ‘unlock’ any building in New York, what would it be?

I would ‘unlock’ Radio City Music hall because although it is very open to the public –with shows happening all the time–I have always wondered what was behind the scenes and even under the stages.

Bloomberg Arts Internship

The Bloomberg Arts Internship (BAI) program offers rising public school seniors summer internships at cultural non-profits to provide skills and experience. Since 2012, the program has offered New York City students (at participating CTE high schools) paid opportunities to try out arts careers; hone workplace, career, and communication skills; and sharpen their writing. Bloomberg Arts Internship is sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies.