Meet Bree Mobley, Open House New Yorker

What do you love about OHNY Weekend?  

I love how OHNY Weekend democratizes spaces/places in the city that would normally be inaccessible to most folks.

I’m an Open House New Yorker because 

It makes me feel invested and involved in the pulse and future of the City. I work in infrastructure so it’s fun to learn about spaces (new & old) that are unique to New York. Plus I really enjoy meeting and talking to other Open House New Yorkers. 

What’s your favorite OHNY memory?  

There are so many good moments! So I’ll just choose one from this year: my favorite OHNY memory this year was meeting the creator behind @WhatisNewYork at the Metropolitan Members Party – I’m a huge fan of his Instagram and always share the videos with my sisters. It was exciting to meet the person behind the concept and chat about our shared love and awe of New York and its residents.

Describe OHNY Weekend in 5 words or less:

Befriending unassuming urban wonders.