Meet Ann Reilly, 10-Year OHNY Weekend Volunteer

I’ve been an Open House New Yorker since

Immediately after I attended OHNY Weekend in 2008, I reached out to volunteer. My first Weekend assignment was the Central Park walking tour with Bob Gelber.

I’m an Open House New Yorker because…

Access. OHNY and its programs provide access to spaces that either are not easily accessed or open to the public, or are not free to do so normally. Exposing the public to the history of our city via this access is a much underserved and underutilized experience.

Describe OHNY Weekend in 5 words.

Intrigue. Access. Knowledge. Discovery.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with prospective volunteers?

Be open! Communicate your skill sets and interest to the OHNY team. If it’s your first time volunteering, you’ll likely be paired with a veteran. Ask them questions! Gain their insight.

What does being an OHNY Volunteer mean to you?

Being able to share unusual and special experiences with friends, colleagues, fellow volunteers, and OHNY Team members.