Call for District Coordinators

District Coordinators are made up of a core group of experienced, highly dedicated Volunteers. During OHNY Weekend, DCs work closely with a set of assigned Site Partners and Volunteers to make sure the programs run smoothly and to handle difficult or unexpected situations.

If you’re interested or want to learn more email by July 14, 2023.

What are the main responsibilities of a District Coordinator?

Before OHNY Weekend:

  • Attend at least one Volunteer Orientation
    • Assist with set-up and distributing materials to Volunteers
    • Introduce yourself during the orientation and greet your Volunteers
  • Familiarize yourself with your assigned district and Experiences
    • Review Google sheet (emailed to you by OHNY staff) with Experience times, contact information, and assigned Volunteers.
    • Read the Experience descriptions on
    • Plan your routes and schedule for visiting the Experiences during the Weekend, so you can visit as many of them as possible.
  • Send email to the Partners in your district to introduce yourself, following on the initial email Rowan will send connecting you to the Partners.
  • Send email to Volunteers assigned in your District to remind them of their commitment and that you will be their primary contact during the Weekend.
  • Send email to On-Call Volunteers assigned to you to remind them to check texts and emails regularly and to stay in or near the district during their on-call shift so that they can be quickly deployed to an assignment as needed.

During OHNY Weekend:

  • Be available by cell phone throughout the Weekend so Partners and Volunteers can contact you quickly
  • Check in with each Experience at least once during each day they are open
    • Introduce yourself to Partners, thank them for participating, and ask them if they have questions or concerns or need more assistance – during an in-person visit if possible, but by email if your District is too large to visit all Experiences during the times they are open.
    • Talk to Volunteers to see how the Experience has been proceeding. Determine whether more resources are needed to cover no-shows, line management, or check-in bottlenecks.
    • Make sure that OHNY posters are noticeably displayed to visitors.
    • Try to visit Experiences with Advance Registration tours at the start of the first tour, as most problems arise when Partners and Volunteers are going through the check-in process for the first time.
  • Assign On-Call Volunteers as necessary to cover no-shows or Experiences that need more assistance.
  • Alert OHNY staff to no-shows, cancellations, or other issues as they arise.

After OHNY Weekend:

  • Attend the Weekend wrap party on Sunday night!
  • Send a post-Weekend thank-you email to your Volunteers
  • Let OHNY staff know about any no-shows or breaches of the Volunteer Code of Conduct, if you did not have time to do so during the Weekend
  • Complete the online DC survey emailed to you after the Weekend