Cover of Station to Station, depicting a woman and man sitting inside a subway car photographed from outside the car. The woman has a melancholy expression.

Riding the subway is a definitive New York City experience that we often take for granted. Station to Station captures mundane and magnificent aspects of the subway and its riders through stunning photographs. OHNY spoke with author, Ed Hotchkiss, about how he traversed the city via train and observed his fellow riders.

Station to Station (Daylight Books, 2020) is a compilation of black & white photographs illustrating Ed Hotchkiss’ travels from the Rockaways to the north Bronx. The vignettes of subway riders highlighted in this book are imbued with a sense of emotion that leaves readers wanting to know more about the New Yorkers featured within. Ed Hotchkiss, self-described as “Exploring Ed,” is a New Yorker that has been to every state in the US and aims to visit every country in the world.

This OHNY Stacks talk urged participants to reflect on how they perceive their trips on the subway and the travelers alongside them.

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Ed Hotchkiss is a New York City-based photographer and the founder of where he blogs about travel and photography. He has traveled to six continents, over 100 countries and every U.S. state. He specializes in photographing street life, urban and nature landscapes, musical events and night scenes.

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