Moore Street Market

The Final Mile: Moore Street Market

Photo credit: David Berkowitz

Brooklyn’s Moore Street Market, built in 1941 as part of a city-wide network of public retail markets, is one of only four that still remain. Today “La Marqueta de Williamsburg” is a neighborhood institution, known by local residents for its lunch counters serving up a range of Latin dishes, stalls selling traditional ingredients like tubers and plantains, and fresh baked goods from Body & Soul Vegan Bakery and Reconnect Bakery. Join Cindy VandenBosch, President of Turnstile Tours, who has spent the past several years documenting and leading tours about the market’s history, its vendors, and their culinary traditions, to learn about the market’s relationship with the community and local food systems, including Brooklyn’s “Avenue of Puerto Rico” and local food manufacturing businesses. This tour will also be joined by Betty Cooney, Executive Director of the Graham Avenue BID, and Lisa Thompson, Markets Manager for the NYCEDC, with opportunities to meet with vendors and get a behind-the-scenes perspective on their businesses.

The Final Mile: Food Systems of New York is a year-long series of public programs, organized by Open House New York as part of its ongoing Urban Systems Series. The Final Mile is intended to shed light on New York City’s dynamic and multi-layered food economy while introducing and exploring approaches to render this invisible system more tangible.

The Final Mile: Food Systems of New York is made possible with generous support from the Reba Judith Sandler Foundation.

Moore Street Market
103 Moore Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206