Memorials hold a special position in the cultural memory of communities, cultures and nations, and In Memory Of: Designing Contemporary Memorials (Phaidon, October 2020) demonstrates this as never before.

While the book documents more than 60 exceptional global structures that commemorate some of the most destructive events of the 20th and 21st centuries, author Spencer Bailey focused this talk primarily on New York memorials, including the suite of 9/11 memorials, Four Freedoms, Irish Hunger Memorial, and the AIDS Memorial, and share how hope, strength, grief, loss, and fear help to contextualize the projects and address the emotional aspects of memorialization.

“In a year filled with so much grief and mourning, it might seem odd to read a book about the architecture of memorials―but how and where we grieve together is an important part of our civic identity and helps define our public spaces.”
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Author bio
Spencer Bailey is an American writer, editor, and journalist. He has written at length about architecture, art, culture, design, and technology, among other subjects. Bailey is also the co-founder of the media company The Slowdown and co-host of the Time Sensitive podcast.

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