Walking Tour: Gay Bars That Are Gone

East Village, Manhattan

Gays Bars That Are Gone is a walking tour celebrating the city’s LGBT and nightlife history, led by Michael Ryan along with Kyle Supley.

The tour explores gay bars, discos, clubs, cabarets, piano bars, queer spaces, lesbian bars and tea rooms, and more that are no longer there, but are important sites of cultural history, and highlights sites of activism, of arts and culture, and places that made their mark on New York City’s built environment in important ways.

Gay Bars That Are Gone has been featured in The New York TimesPaper Magazine, and The Advocate. See more at @gaybarsthataregone on Instagram.

Metropolitan members-only event; space is limited. Contact Kristin@ohny.org for details.

105 2nd Avenue, near the corner of East 6th Street
(Meet in front of Apple Bank)

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