Fountain Avenue Landfill Raffle Tour

Many New Yorkers recall the Fountain Avenue landfill as a crater-like pit where workmen deposited countless trucks-full of foul-smelling debris to the delight of clouds of gulls. Today, while it is not yet open to the public, the site is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, and is being reclaimed for future use as a park.

As part of Getting to Zero, Open House New York has organized a tour of the former landfill site with the National Park Service and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. Enjoy the view and the fresh air from the top of what is now one of the tallest points in Brooklyn and Queens. Learn about its creation, its management, its wildlife, closure, and future on this two hour tour.

This program is part of Getting to Zero: New York + Waste, a year-long series of tours and talks exploring New York City’s waste system.