Exploring the East Bronx: 1905 Topographical Survey Map Exhibition

New York City Borough Presidents are responsible for maintaining the official maps of their respective boroughs. During Bronx Week, the Bronx Borough President’s Topographical Bureau will display a historically essential map in the development of the East Bronx executed by Josiah A. Briggs and Frederick Greiffenberg in 1905. Evoking Manhattan’s 1811 Commissioner Plan, this 1905 map outlines the vision for the street grid we still use today, preserving a record of the East Bronx’s historical character amidst the dawn of rapid urbanization.

The 1905 Topographical Survey Map meticulously documents landscape features and geographical characteristics of the region, providing insights into elevations, the established street grid, natural landmarks, water bodies, and existing infrastructure.

By cataloging these features, the survey served as a foundational resource for urban planners, developers, and policymakers. It offered crucial data for informed decision-making regarding land use, infrastructure development, and environmental conservation efforts in the East Bronx.

The Topographical Survey Map consists of 45 panels depicting the borough of The Bronx, easterly of the Bronx River, and an Index Sheet. This special exhibition is the first time that the entire 1905 Topographical Survey Map will be displayed together.

This program is presented by the Office of Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson as part of Bronx Week, a nearly month-long celebration of the people, places, and culture of the Bronx featuring exhibitions, concerts, tours, markets, sports, and more.


Admission to the exhibition is free.

The Andrew Freedman Home is dedicated to providing all visitors access to its exhibitions.  All public areas of the The Andrew Freedman Home, including classrooms, galleries and restrooms, are wheelchair accessible. Elevators also provide access to all floors and exhibits.

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