Design Tour: Ulmer Brewery

On Tue, Sep 14, OHNY heads to Bushwick with DXA Studio for a special Metropolitan members-only design tour of the historic Ulmer Brewery.

Built in 1885, this “knockout Romanesque Revival” was once a machine for making beer, loading and storing the raw ingredients at the top of seven stories, filtering them through the brewing process floor by floor, ultimately pouring into barrels stored in a vast underground storage area with soaring brick vaults three levels below ground. Now, DXA’s renovation will create a 40,000 sf mixed-use project that includes a copper penthouse to celebrate the old vats that once held the Ulmer brew, and access to a large roof terrace with views of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Note: Proof of vaccine required (Excelsior Pass, NYC Covid Safe app, etc). This is an active construction site – dress appropriately; waiver required. And bring a camera for those rooftop views!

31 Belvidere St, Brooklyn, NY 11206