Sites and Sounds: The Rockaways

Rockaways, Queens

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Credit: Ted Alcorn

In this episode of The Gotham Center for New York City History's Sites and Sounds podcast series, Ayasha Guerin gives us a remarkable environmental history of the Rockaways going back to how indigenous populations used the land before Europeans arrived in New York. She talks about the environmental impact of Hurricane Sandy on residents of the Rockaways and the challenges to come with more beach erosion.

This experience is offered during OHNY Weekend as a part of Sandy + 10, a series exploring projects fostering recovery and resilience in the 10-year wake of Hurricane Sandy. Nearly $18 billion in federal funds have been invested in New York City's resilience, and this series aims to engage the public in what has been accomplished and where future investment is needed. Sandy + 10 is presented in partnership with Columbia University’s Center for Resilient Cities and Landscapes.