NYC’s Interim Flood Protection in Red Hook

Red Hook, Brooklyn

Interim flood mitigation HESCOs
Credit: City of New York

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Initiated in 2016, NYC’s Interim Flood Protection Measures (IFPM) program was created to provide temporary, deployable flood risk reduction at critical city facilities and low-lying neighborhoods, while the city continued to advance, fund, and build more long-term solutions. To date, IFPM have been designed and installed at over 50 sites. This approximately 1.8 mile walking tour of Red Hook and the Atlantic Basin will include an overview of the IFPM program’s flood risk-reduction goals and strategies, program design considerations and considerations distinctive to these sites, as well as a general introduction to coastal storm planning and response operations. The Red Hook Community Justice Center, NYCEM’s partner in beautifying the Atlantic Basin IFPM, will provide background on their mission and their role in the community.

Please wear comfortable walking shoes and note that some surfaces may be uneven.

This experience is offered during OHNY Weekend as a part of Sandy + 10, a series exploring projects fostering recovery and resilience in the 10-year wake of Hurricane Sandy. Nearly $18 billion in federal funds have been invested in New York City's resilience, and this series aims to engage the public in what has been accomplished and where future investment is needed. Sandy + 10 is presented in partnership with Columbia University’s Center for Resilient Cities and Landscapes.

Erie Basin Park
Brooklyn, NY 11231