Brooklyn Navy Yard: Nanotronics

Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn

Credit: Rogers Partners

Sat, October 22nd, 2022

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Nanotronics is a science technology company that applies sophisticated imaging, robotics and AI to the task of revolutionizing quality and process across manufacturing. Participants will see how it's made, what goes into running a factory, and how Nanotronics uses their technology to eliminate laborious and unreliable manual inspections. Nanotronics staff will discuss how it is helping to scale biotechnology, both through COVID-19 and for humanity’s future, as well as its urgent and continued ability to mitigate supply chain shortages.

Built in 1865, with a foundation that dates back to 1798, Building 20 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard was the most advanced machine shop of its time. Many firsts happened at the site, including the first iron-plated warship and the first hydrogen powered submarine. America’s first industrial revolution was fostered on the NY waterfront. Its rich manufacturing history serves as the foundation for Nanotronics' mission to provide a model and method for industry’s future around the world. The ability to combine research and production of the most necessary products to breathe or the complex equipment to enable nanotechnology exists in these 45,000 square feet.

Attendees must register at one of the check-in points, which are all wheelchair accessible. The Sands Street gate is the closest to the Nanotronics building.

Sands Street Gate
299 Sands Street at Navy Street
(near Kings County Distillery)


Boat: Take the NYC Ferry to Brooklyn Navy Yard/Dock 72
Bus: Take B69 or B57 to Flushing Avenue
Bike: The Yard is easily accessible off the Brooklyn Greenway on Flushing Avenue
Foot: Enter at Building 77 or the Sands Street Gate
Car: Cars are only allowed with permits, so don’t drive
Shuttle: Once on-site, the Yard offers a free shuttle bus to get you around the campus!

Additional Information:
BNYDC will continue to review and evaluate safety protocols as needed for this event. At this time, face masks are highly recommended but will not be required. The Yard reserves the right to change this policy, and as such, it is advised that all visitors bring a face mask.

BNYDC expects visitors to respect each other’s personal decisions regarding face masks and to respect individual studios and factories that request face masks be worn for entry. These spaces will have a “face mask required” sign on their doors; however, visitors should also be prepared to apply a face mask if a business owner requests it.

It is further expected that all visitors will respect the face mask requests of business owners or BNYDC staff without delay or complaint.

Smoking is only permitted in outdoor areas at least 100 feet from all building entrances and not allowed indoors or on intra-Yard shuttle buses. Smoking is also not permitted in designated seating areas or areas where family games and activities are set up.

141 Flushing Avenue, Building 20
Brooklyn, NY 11205