A floating salt marsh archipelago prototype that provides a range of ecological benefits for humans and other species. These tiny ecosystems currently live in Gowanus Bay
Credit: thread collective

Sat, October 22nd, 2022

11:00am — 3:00pm

BlueBlocks are modular, floating, semi-submersible structures for challenging urban edge conditions, creating small salt marsh archipelagos that provide a range of ecological benefits for humans and other species. RETI Center BlueCity at GBX~ Gowanus Bay Terminal uses BlueBlocks to create a unique garden on the Red Hook waterfront.

The tour will bring you out onto the barge where you will experience a unique spot in the industrial waterfront of New York. These gardens link to the issues of sea level rise, coastal adaptation, and nature-based solutions to create a more resilient future. Learn about the design and fabrication techniques employed to create a hospitable environment for a variety of marine life.

In addition, we will showcase the Sugar Kelp marine farm, created in collaboration with LaGuardia College and Lazy Point Farms, that will be launched in the winter months.

Talks at noon and 2pm by the designers from thread collective and RETI Center staff.

This experience is offered during OHNY Weekend as a part of Sandy + 10, a series exploring projects fostering recovery and resilience in the 10-year wake of Hurricane Sandy. Nearly $18 billion in federal funds have been invested in New York City's resilience, and this series aims to engage the public in what has been accomplished and where future investment is needed. Sandy + 10 is presented in partnership with Columbia University’s Center for Resilient Cities and Landscapes.

701 Columbia Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231