AT&T Long Distance Building

Tribeca, Manhattan

AT&T Long Distance Building lobby
Credit: Hildreth Meière Dunn © 2007

Join the International Hildreth Meière Association and art and architectural historian Kathleen Murphy Skolnik for a virtual tour of the AT&T Long Distance Building murals in the interior landmarked lobby. Get a close look at these beautiful murals and mosaics that exemplify the Art Deco style’s celebration of the beauty of technology.

Designed by Hildreth Meière in 1932, the ceiling mural in silhouette glass mosaic depicts the “Continents Linked by Telephone and Wireless,” symbolizing the purpose of the building. Hildreth rendered allegorical personifications of the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia connected by gold telephone and telegraph wires to two female messengers with a condor and an eagle in the center of the ceiling. A large map entitled “Telephone Wires and Radio Unite to Make Neighbors of Nations” is fabricated in ceramic tiles.


32 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10013-3874

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