2022 Building Capital Award: LISC NYC

OHNY is conferring its Building Capital Award to LISC NYC in recognition of their efforts to increase access to capital in underinvested communities across the five boroughs. The award is being introduced alongside a newly created President’s Award, honoring Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer, to mark OHNY’s 20th anniversary and expanded mission to promote access citywide for all New Yorkers.

The awards will be conferred alongside the Open City Award during the 2022 Open City Benefit taking place at Moynihan Train Hall on June 9. The design and development team for Moynihan Train Hall are this year’s recipients of the Open City Award.

About the Building Capital Award

The Building Capital Award is the first in a series of awards honoring a firm or individual whose work embodies and amplifies Open House New York’s signature Urban Systems program.

This year, we are launching Building Capital: The Value of Place, a multiyear investigation into how different forms of capital—financial, cultural, community—determine quality of place and quality of life in New York. Launching in summer 2022, the series aims to equip community and cultural organizations confronting or spearheading neighborhood change with practical resources, know-how, and a supportive peer network as they work to reverse decades of chronic disinvestment.

The Building Capital Award will be conferred during the 2022 Open City Benefit on June 9 at Moynihan Train Hall.


From providing vital relief grants to minority-owned small businesses to financing affordable studio space for artists and creators, LISC NYC partners with local champions to help underinvested New York City neighborhoods meet community needs. As New York City recovers from the devastation of the pandemic, LISC’s work to invest in some of the city’s hardest hit communities not only provides a lifeline to neighborhoods, businesses, and families across the five boroughs, but also represents the pathway for long-overdue systemic change.

LISC NYC’s work to equip underinvested communities with the capital, strategy, and technical know-how they need to thrive embodies the theme of OHNY’s current Urban Systems series, Building Capital: The Value of Place. Through partnerships with community leaders like LISC, Building Capital investigates how different forms of capital—financial, cultural, community—determine quality of place and quality of life in New York, and how these intersecting systems of capital can reverse legacies of disinvestment and discriminatory policies in communities of color to expand access to opportunity.